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 Looking To Join T.O.P'S ?

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PostSubject: Looking To Join T.O.P'S ?   Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:21 am

Yes Please Follow All Those Intructions To Gaurantee That You'll Be In T.O.P Team.
But Firstly Are You A Good Pker? We Need Players That Are Good At Pking. If your Not Still Apply, Just Because You Cant Pk Doesnt Mean You Wont Get In The Team, We Also Need Teleblockers So Level Your Stats And You Could Be One Of Our Teams Tber's.
Now Before We Allow You To Join We Will Probally Test Your Skills.

For People Who Where Wandering On How The Loots Work.We SHARE It Around The Team.If Your Not There To Pk With Us You Wont Get Some Of The Loot.

To Apply For One Of The Percisions,Like Captain You Need To Be A Good Pker, There Is Also A Couple Of Rules. The 2 Most Important Is 1. Always Obey Your Commander/Genral, Flow/Rider, 2. Never Leave One Of Your Team Members Behind. We NEVER Leave Our Team Mates Behind. Unless Orderd To. Witch Is Most Likely NEVER Going To Happen.

Thanks Rider Very Happy
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Looking To Join T.O.P'S ?
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