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 Vapo's Admin App

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PostSubject: Vapo's Admin App   Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:19 am

How old are you?
Where are you from?

What's your in game name?
Vapo Drops

What staff position are you applying for?

Why do you feel you should be this position?
We'll I Was 1 Of The First Players, And I Have Been With This Server From The Start, Helping Out, I Was Also The First Staff Member, Other Than Owner, And Co, I've Helped People And I Continue To Help

What experience do you have in being this staff position?
I Have Alot Of Experience As I Have Been Mod/Admin On Many Servers, I Know How To Deal With Problems And Defuse Any Situations.

How active are you? (don't lie)
I Am Very Active Atleast 8-12 Hours A Day, But This Will Cut Down As School Is Comming UP, In Around 2 Weeks

How long have you been playing the server?
I Have Played This Server For A Long Time, AS I Said Before I Was One Of The First Players To Join,

What will you do to help the server?
I Will Be Active, Advertise, Help Players, And Defuse Any Problems/Desputes Between Players

What you have done to help the server.
I Have Been Here Since The Start, I Have Helped Players, Advertised, And I'm Still Advertising,I Have Tested Sources With Owners, And Been There From The Begining.

For Those Who Dont Know Me, Im Vapo Drops Your In-Game Mod, Pm Me Or ::yell And Ask Me Something, I'll Awnser If I Can,
Thanks Vapo Cool

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Vapo's Admin App
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